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For Photos of the of the 2019 Laclede County Fair just click on the link below and Look for the Laclede County Fair banner. When you click on the banner you will find a treasure house of photos fron this years fair. You will see happy faces of people and families taking part in a comunity event that will imbed memories and joy for a lifetime. Once you see a photo you like you can right click it and save it to your desktop, and share it on face book, or have it made into a beautiful photograph. Just click here for the link You do not need to purchase photos, just right click and save to desktop.

The Laclede County Fair brings communities together in a way that brings joy and happiness to all. These are real people from our county and surrounding farms. They all have a common goal; to enjoy and share. They come to see, learn, and communicate with neighbors. The people of Laclede County are a hard working and faith based people. At the end of the day they know how to relax and enjoy the fruits of their labor. These are real people who find joy in each others accomplishments.


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